Royal Broese en Peereboom printers celebrated their 225thanniversary this year. To celebrate that they asked us to designtheir jubilee book, which tells about the history of the company,together with Lambert Hendrikx of The book isdesigned as a website, you don't have the read it from thebeginning to the end, but you can break in on any page you want.Actually it isn't just one book, but three different books boundtogether into one piece. The sleeve is an archive box, whichsymbolises the content of the book. The book counts 260 pages andis offset printed but also contains several digital printed pages.We used the offset plates of the book itself to create its cover.The title is silkscreened. Text by Walter van de Calseyde incooperation with Joost Klaverdijk. Photography by René Schotanus and Edwin van Schravendijk.
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